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An Accumulation of Vapors

Lundahl’s debut collection inspires an exploration of language, identity, and ancestry. A journey of self-discovery which invokes a rich sense of time and place. The stories in these vignettes tread the line between truth and fable, provoking the reader to question what is real and what is imaginary.”

Published by Gob Pile Press; April 2022

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by Claudia Lundahl | (from An Accumulation of Vapors)


Grandma’s Toe

“What if your heavily tattooed goth grandmother was growing something strange in her garden? Neither a rhubarb, a squash, nor an aubergine. What if it was…a toe? And what if she won’t tell you where it came from or why she is growing it but only cautions you to be careful around it?

But what if IT tries to harm YOU?” 

Grandma’s Toe is an unusual little tale. It began as a short story I wrote years ago and have recently resurrected from the archives to illustrate and print in zine format. It was typed on a manual Olympia Traveller typewriter, hand-illustrated with thirteen unique watercolor illustrations, copied, and stitched/hand bound.

Printed on 130 gsm Snowdon Bookpaper

Handstitched with Mulberry Silk Thread in MSF9 (red)

Publication Date: September 2023


Stellar Remnant

“Stellar Remnant” published in Autofocus Lit, February 1, 2023


“Allergy” published in Hobart Pulp; August 11, 2022

Look Here

“Look Here” published in The Hungry Ghost Magazine; December 2021

The House on Via San Lucifero

“The House on Via San Lucifero” published in Scrawl Place; January 7, 2022

My Writing Day

“My Writing Day” published in My (Small Press) Writing Day; November 10, 20201

Midnight Mealtimes

“Midnight Mealtimes” published in the Schuykill Valley Journal; October 25, 2021

High Noon at the Cactus Sanctuary

“High Noon at the Cactus Sanctuary” published in buffalobuffalobuffalo (A Hobart Newsletter), now known as The New Thing; July 25, 2021

How I Felt, Beyond the Obvious Shock and Sadness

“How I Felt, Beyond the Obvious Shock and Sadness” published in Hobart After Dark (HAD); May 13, 2021

*Best of the Net nominated

In the Dark Room

“In the Dark Room” published in Maudlin House; May 6, 2021

Buttons and Silk

“Buttons and Silk” published in Crow and Cross Keys; April 21, 2021

The Artist Who Lives Here

“The Artist Who Lives Here” published in The Mechanics’ Institute Review; April 20, 2021

The Glitch

“The Glitch” published in Unlocked: Short Stories for 2021 from Comma Press; March 23, 2021

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Reassurance From a Seagull 

“Reassurance From a Seagull” published in (mac)ro(mic); November 20, 2020


“Bloom” published in So-To-Speak Journal; June 18, 2018