Publication history


Look Here; The Hungry Ghost Magazine (November, 2021)

Midnight Mealtimes; Schuykill Valley Journal (TBD)



How To Cut French Curtain Bangs

“How To Cut French Curtain Bangs” published in Vulnerary Magazine; September 9, 2021

High Noon at the Cactus Sanctuary

“High Noon at the Cactus Sanctuary” published in buffalobuffalobuffalo (A Hobart Newsletter); July 25, 2021

Rate Me

“Rate Me” published in Expat Press; June 4, 2021

How I Felt, Beyond the Obvious Shock and Sadness

“How I Felt, Beyond the Obvious Shock and Sadness” published in Hobart After Dark (HAD); May 13, 2021

*Best of the Net nominated

In the Dark Room

“In the Dark Room” published in Maudlin House; May 6, 2021

New Smyrna 

“New Smyrna” published in Basset Hound Press Online; May 3, 2021

Full Moon Motel

“Full Moon Motel” published in Not Deer Magazine; May 2, 2021

Buttons and Silk

“Buttons and Silk” published in Crow and Cross Keys; April 21, 2021

The Artist Who Lives Here

“The Artist Who Lives Here” published in The Mechanic’s Institute Review; April 20, 2021

Much Too Much

“Much Too Much” published in the Oyez Review; April 16th, 2021

The Glitch

“The Glitch” published in Unlocked: Short Stories for 2021 from Comma Press; March 23, 2021

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Listening to Erasure in a Jewelry Booth on the Bowery

“Listening to Erasure in a Jewelry Booth on the Bowery” published in New World Writing; February 3, 2021

An Unwelcome Gift

“An Unwelcome Gift” published in STORGY; January 29, 2021


“IT’S 1996 I AM SEVEN HERE IS WHAT’S FOR DINNER” published in The Daily Drunk; January 5, 2021

Winter of Cryptonyms

“Winter of Cryptonyms” published in the Bangor Literary Journal; December 20, 2020

Reassurance From a Seagull 

“Reassurance From a Seagull” published in (mac)ro(mic); November 20, 2020

Tea and Cookies People 

“Tea and Cookies People” published in The Daily Drunk; November 4, 2020


“Bloom” published in So-To-Speak Journal; June 18, 2018

This Strange Safe Place

“This Strange Safe Place” published in Vol. 1 Brooklyn; September 11, 2016