An Accumulation of Vapors

Gob Pile Press, 2022

“Lundahl’s debut collection inspires an exploration of language, identity, and ancestry. A journey of self-discovery which invokes a rich sense of time and place. The stories in these vignettes tread the line between truth and fable, provoking the reader to question what is real and what is imaginary.”

“Compulsively strange, surreal and beautifully written, An Accumulation of Vapors is a delight from start to finish.”

–HLR, via Goodreads

Reader Reviews:

“Loved this collection of vignettes, tied together by Italian seaside towns, absurdity in the exploration of the physical body, and the dissociation of floating. This collection felt like flipping through a photo album of intimate polaroids from someone’s attempt to figure out life by traveling through Europe, a trope that can be so cliche, but here is something more visceral and worthwhile.

I’ll be rereading in the coming weeks.”

–Isabella, via Goodreads

“To write about oneself without solipsism is always a marvel. Lundahl, who is somewhat of a haunted Ovid, accomplishes this. The images rendered are cinematic, evocative yet visceral, a Frankensteinian amalgamation of A24 arthouse, Un Chien Andalou and Fellini, maybe even Bergman. They are quiet. They are deep. They are refractive.”

–Matthew Vincent, writer

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